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Beyond Wine Ignorance: Embrace Discovery

Years have passed. The love and the journey continue, but the passion and the excitement of the senses have become more cerebral and serene. Funny how this works. With each passing year, I find that the fervor of my heart has settled into a profound appreciation, one that speaks more through silence than through words. The love is there, unyielding, but it has grown deeper, more introspective. I post my wine impressions and notes on Twitter , it's quick and easy, the so-called "short form". What about essays, let alone epics? Perhaps one day soon. But let me try a " thought form "... a paragraph or two expressing a single thought or emotion... In the vibrant, bustling San Francisco Bay Area, home to countless wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs, I often find myself amidst individuals who, despite their self-proclaimed liking or even love for wine, possess a rather surface-level understanding of it. This observation is not meant as criticism but as an invitation to