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Wine Character

High-quality wine, also called fine wine , is distinguished by complexity, depth, and purity of flavor, where all components such as acidity, tannin, sweetness, and alcohol are in harmony. Additionally, high-quality wines often have the potential to age well, developing more complex flavors over time. These wines are crafted with careful attention to viticulture and winemaking practices, aiming for the highest expression of the grape's and place of origin's inherent qualities. Yet, for an aficionado like myself, that high-quality badge is just the beginning of the story. It's the character - the wine's quirky personality traits that captivate me the most. Think of the earth & tobacco undertones in a classic Bordeaux, the leafy, vegetal notes of a Loire Valley Cab Franc from Chinon, the stony notes of a Mosel Riesling, or the floral bouquet of a Provence RosĂ©. For me, character is the most intriguing aspect of a fine wine. It’s what reminds me of the wine’s identity,