Paella with Tavel - Spain meets France

Yours truly was hosting a barbecue for Memorial Day at Domaine du Chevsky last night. Meats were marinading, wines chilling. Massive food & wine debauchery ensued, and one pairing stood out above all, courtesy of Scott H., chef and wine guru extraordinaire. Before the meat hit the grill, Scott's prawn paella with chorizo sausage filled the perfect spot of the hungry crowd of gourmets! Accompanied by a lovely bottle of Tavel. Rosé! Yes, gents, you can get off your high horses and stop poopooing the pink.

Tavel, of course, is the only appellation in the world dedicated solely to Rosé wine.

...We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to make an annoucement.

The rest of this article now appears on Gary Vaynerchuk's, where I debut today as one of the select group of wine bloggers. Corkd editorials are geared towards wine education of wine drinkers of all (beginner?) levels. Jon Troutman, the chief editor, oversees all corkd posts, whereas this site - Iron Chevsky wine blog - is all about lifestyle with (food &) wine. It is my unfiltered personal expression aiming at perhaps a more advanced wino. I will attempt to write for both publications! And with that, here is the rest of the article...


enochchoi said…
"this deep Tavel was an orgasmic match with the paella" oooooohhhhhhh!
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