Once again the perfect match - Riesling and Chinese

Just wanted to once again point out how great German Rieslings are with Chinese food. My wife cooked a best-ever dan dan noodle for lunch, and gave me another excuse to pop a Riesling I had not tried before - Selbach-Oster Kabinett, 2005, from Zeltinger Sonnenuhr vineyard in Mosel. The noodle was amazing - mixed with home-made spicy chili oil, preserved mustard greens, fried ground pork, shredded cucumber (personal touch from my yard), and home-roasted and ground sichuan pepper, and half dozen salty, sour, savory sauces, including sesame oil.  The wine was a disappointment unfortunately.  Although it tasted like a typical Riesling, full of apple, peach, a little tangerine, minerality, rubber tire and petrol -- it was rather flat, and lacked the focus and brightness I tasted in other German Rieslings.  Still, it made an amazing complement to the spicy sichuan dish.  The sweetness calmed the heat, and the acidity (though somewhat lackluster in this particular wine) refreshed the palate.  Granted, for $20 it is a lot more expensive than a beer, but so much more interesting and delightful!


Anonymous said…
Another noodle dinner! Jeez, my wife is jealous as she loves noodles in all its various forms.

I agree, Riesling is perfect with noodles, then again I enjoy Riesling with turkey, ham, and pork rinds (seriously).
Anonymous said…
Don't forget your most important aspect also paired with your dinner with noodle and Rieling--Rona!!! :-)

The company is sometimes as important as the wine!

(That is, as long as you weren't in the doghouse, hahahah)!!

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