The Imperfect Cluster

This brief post is my counter to Alder Yarrow's "The Perfect Cluster" post on his Vinography blog (one of the top wine blogs on the internet).

Alder Yarrow's "the perfect cluster":

Click through on the above photo - you can see the slender threads of spider webs and the moisture particles on the skins of the grapes. Inspiring. Dreamy. Magnificent! Professionally taken by Andy Katz.

Iron Chevsky's "the imperfect cluster":

The shot above I took with my point-and-shoot camera on the way to Minervois appellation in Languedoc -- semi-frozen grapes left to die on the vine in the midst of December. You can't help but feel sorry for them...

Does the imperfection make you cringe or love? Does it make you want to throw it away or blanket it with your warmth?

The struggling little imperfection, it is indeed dear to my heart, for it is about life not wine.


Anonymous said…
Nice !!
enochchoi said…
life is about making exuberance from imperfections!
Anonymous said…
Touché. That "perfect" cluster looks like it probably had its fair dose of chemicals, both in the soil and on the vine.

Imperfection...since it is not subject to objective analyses, left-brainers reject it.

2005 is arguably one of the greatest vintages in Burgundy so it was interesting when a vigneron whom I respect stated that he hated that vintage and far preferred the others around it.

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