Japanese wine drama Kami no Shizuku: Episode 1

No ads. Pointed out by a friend who happens to know a lot about Japanese, French, and American cultures and wine, comes this awesome Japanese Manga-drama about wine. Laugh, cry, enjoy as you watch Kami no Shizuku ("Drops of God").

After a world-famous wine critic Kanzaki Yutaka dies leaving his huge fortune up for contest between his biological son Shizuku Kanzaki (who hates wine) and his adopted son Toumine Issei (who is a talented wine critic), the two face off to win the inheritance. In the process, Shizuku discovers more about himself and about wine than he ever imagined.

Episode 1

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

The show is currently airing in Japan. Apparently it's been quite a phenomenon in Asia.

Let me know what you think...
Episode 2 is coming up in the next post...


Anonymous said…
I really should practice decanting like that... I could be missing out on 50% of the flavors locked in there!
enochchoi said…
love IT!!! http://www.mangafox.com/page/manga/read/4166/kami_no_shizuku/chapter.63774/page.2/ is the english-translated manga
christy said…
no ads, my foot! It's all very overt product placement from the wine labels to the glasses. How come small local CA producers can't get in on this?

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