Japanese wine drama Kami no Shizuku: Episode 2

...continued from Episode 1 in my last post.

Pointed out by a friend who happens to know a lot about Japanese, French, and American cultures and wine, comes this awesome Japanese Manga-drama about wine. Laugh, cry, enjoy as you watch Kami no Shizuku ("Drops of God").

Episode 2

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Episode 3 is posted here.


Anonymous said…
Great clips, enjoyed the post. Definitely check out http://www.snooth.com - it's a great wine site.
Iron Chevsky said…
Thanks Mike, I wanted to have a follow-up conversation with you regading Snooth -- can you give me your email or url (you can email me via the "contact me" feature on the right rail of this blog.

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