Ode to the Wine Sensei

My friend hit a big round 4-"Oh oh" date yesterday. This friend is special to me - years ago as my wine class teacher he opened my eyes to the world of wine beyond California. And so he was instrumental in all that came later. This poem was my toast and my thanks:

Ode to the Sensei

Seasons come and seasons go
Vintages: some great and some amiss
In 40 seasons the world has never known
Vintage as good as this

This vintage is mysterious
So critics disagree
Some say it's overly complex.
To some, but not to me!

Some say it is ethereal
Fleeting and seductive like a dream
Some say it is imperial
Reserved, and commanding esteem

Some find it inaccessible
Worthy only of DRC
I find it infinitely addressable
Why is it so kind me?

This vintage has so many layers
Not easy to peel away
But hear this, naysayers,
For underneath that pinot skin
I see the purity that lies within

The vintage of the man
Whom every day
So proudly I call my friend and my "sensei"


half_bottle said…
this is one of my favorite of all times. and believe me, gary's written hundreds if not thousands of them.
Anonymous said…
What an honor. Thank you so much.

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