If it's Viognier, it's got to be Condrieu

Chante-Perdrix Condrieu "Authentic" 2007 - $39 @ Vineyard Gate.
Had it with wine friends, they were so impressed they asked for more. This is the best Viognier based wine under $50 that I've ever tried - in the same category as some of the best 1er Cru white Burgundies. Not just tasty but intellectual too. If anyone ever had doubts about this grape varietal, think again! If it's Viognier, it's got to be Condrieu!


Eric said…
Fantastic wine that is for sure. What makes it fantastic and not typical in my opinion is that it has better balance, is more crisp and has seen some stainless.

High-end Condrieu are typically 100% barrel fermented and aged. This is maybe from a cooler site as well lending to the crispness and minerality, rare in Condrieu.
Real Estate said…
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