How to eat lobster

Buy a huge live Maine lobster dirt cheap in Ranch 99 Asian supermarket.
Grab the monster carefully from the back. Watch out for the razor sharp tail.

Stick a chopstick under its tail all the way to its head, Cantonese style. That makes it pee, which cleanses the meat and relaxes the muscles.

Steam or boil it just until it gets red.

Melt butter. Corn optional.

Don't forget tools to break the hard shells.
Vitally important: get a bottle of a nicely aged, well balanced White Burgundy, a 1er or Grand Cru, combining butteriness and acidity.

Wear an apron and/or a bib (optional).
Oh, and the most important thing...
Go for it!!!



Mao said…
Hi Gary, here is my blog post about the lobster dinner!
Mateusz Loskot said…
Gary, everything looks so delicious, high-end and posh, but nobody mentions how much the animal suffers being boiled alive.

What's next? Chinese shark fin soup without telling people how sharks hunting looks like?

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