Pairing medium-bodied Sicilian red with seafood pasta

Last time I posited that a light-bodied high-acidity fruity red wine paired well with seafood. Continuing with the theme on unexpected food-and-wine pairings, this time I evolved this concept by pairing a medium body Italian red wine with seafood pasta in light red sauce.

While normally I would think more toward a Sangiovese-based Chianti or Umbrian red, or perhaps a Piedmonte's native Barbera or Dolcetto, this time I went to a lighter bodied wine, made of Nerello Mascalese, an indigenous grape varietal of Sicily with a Burgundian character, less cherry-like though, with a hint of pepper and volcano-ash-like, which worked wonderfully with the heartier, chewier flavors of the red sauce and calamari / shellfish / mollusk mix.

Paired with Etna Rosso, Graci 2007 (available at Vineyard Gate). Officially designated as Etna DOC, the vines are planted between 1800 and 2100 feet above sea level in the hills surrounding Mount Etna in Sicily, the second largest active volcano in Europe.


Iron Chevsky said…
Quick update... I tried this Etna Rosso with a pork chop yesterday, and it was a very good pairing as well.
Anonymous said…
Note that your map is fail. Etna DOC is on the north east part of Sicily (green colour like a half circle)


Iron Chevsky said…
Bertrand, thank you for catching the error, I now corrected it.
Anonymous said…


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