The bodacious bosoms of American Pinot Noir

Gary Vaynerchuk is #18 on the list of top 50 most influential men of 2009 on That makes it official - he is famous! Congrats Gary - you are the beacon of the iPod wine generation!

As I settled to read up Gary's list of accomplishments, very quickly I got distracted by the images of beautiful women with perfect shapes and enlarged bosoms, featured on the same page right next to Gary. Getting seduced, leafing through the galleries of Kim Kardashian and Lucy Pinder, my mind drifted to yesterday's tasting at Vineyard Gate, where we featured Pinot Noir from around the world. The wines from several sub-regions of Oregon, California, and France took center stage, to be compared side-by-side. Of all domestics sold at the wine shop, Pinot is perhaps the most popular. Both California and Oregon do well. Yesterday's Cali Pinots (all from Domaine Chandon, primarily known for their sparklers) were between 14.5% and 15.5% alcohol, fairly thick on the palate, loaded with caramel, balsam, chocolate, cherry, and spice, these wines are seductive and luscious Kim Kardashians and Lucy Pinders of the world. Delicious as they are, the question I kept asking myself and the customers at the tasting - what would we pair them with, and how long can I handle the "sugar" overload? Don't know about you, but I am sticking to lighter, higher-acid, more complex(?) red Burgundy as my food companion. And at 13-13.5% alcohol, perhaps, just perhaps it won't knock me out of my feet with its bodacious bosoms.


Xandria said…
Well, I can vouch for the seductive allure of that Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir with the 15.5% alcohol. I drank it last night but I did not pair it with food. Rather I paired it with my date's passionate lips and it was a great combination and I know he would attest to that fact! Forget the food just drink the luscious wine and have fun;)
Iron Chevsky said…
Awesome comment, Xandria.
I suppose hot & passionate lips are just the right pairing in this case.
enochchoi said…
hot & passionate 4 sure! Gimme any day!

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