Iron Chevsky turns paparazzi at Renee & Andy's wedding

Rona's best friend Renee got married to Andy yesterday. The reception luncheon was at the place where they first met 8 month ago in August 2009. Donato Enoteca. Vinity / Vineyard Gate Italian wine dinner which Iron Chevsky organized and MC'ed. The two birds had given up on looking for a soul mate. The two were hardly even wine drinkers. Yet, fate brought them together at a communal table of food and wine, with just a little nudging from Rona and Andy's brother Enoch! And now their souls are joined, their hearts have found happiness and fulfillment in the arms, gazes, and thoughts of each other.

In a private, family-only reception, Rona and I were honored to be included. On a perfect Sunday afternoon, gods favored the newlyweds by giving the best weather of the year - spotless blue skies, 75 degree air, picture-perfect cherry blossoms at the patio of the restaurant, and of course a bottle of Produttori del Barbaresco and another masterful multi-course meal served at Donato Enoteca to put everyone in a dreamy mood. My mad skillz as a paparazzi and a wine steward came in handy.

This story warms my heart for so many reasons. But the one relevant to this blog is how wine brought the two people together, and if that is not reason enough to celebrate the power and magic of the grape, then what is?! (just ask Tracie and Jeremy over at DoBianchi).

Renee and Andy, you are a match made in heaven, over wine and a veal shank! Drink, eat, and be married (to each other!) for the rest of your lives! Mozzletoff!


enochchoi said…
Mozzletoff indeed! You're the best!
Do Bianchi said…
Donato Enoteca and Produttori del Barbaresco? Do I hear "double date" in our future?

Seriously, much mazel and congrats to the newlyweds. It was so fun to read this post since Tracie P and I have been "missing" our wedding...

thanks for the shout out! We'll raise a glass tonight at dinner to the newlyweds and their paparazzo!
stevenjared0853 said…
Renee & Andy's wedding was seriously awesome. The photos are very interesting. At the local Los Angeles event venues we are going to attend a family wedding in next month. It is a Christian plus Korean themed reception party as my cousin’s fiancé is Korean. I am sure it will be a blast!

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