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I am a Silicon Valley exec by day, and a wine nut by night. A friend, Tanya Noel, a professional event organizer and a fellow Palo Alto resident, is launching a new tech conference called Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital - Europe & Silicon Valley, with a twist that suits the Iron Chevsky blog just fine - to combine technology & entrepreneurship with celebration of food, wine & life. As someone who has spent his professional career pushing the edges of technology innovation, and along the way learned that enjoying life goes far beyond C++ and IPO's, I find her cause inspiring and unique. Her inaugural conference takes place in the end of June in Tuscany in a small town of Viareggio, located on the coast of Ligurian Sea next door to the more famous city of Lucca whose surrounds include two fairly obscure and undoubtedly charming Tuscan appellations (DOC's) - Montecarlo and Colline Lucchesi. Chianti and Florence are within an hour's drive, and the legendary Montalcino, where Brunello is made, is about two hours away.

Conference proceedings will be interspersed with and followed by food & wine banquets, culinary school visits and winery tours. How awesome is that?!

Here is some more info on the conference from the official website.

Who is this conference suited for?
Partners for Growth & Innovation is designed not just for CEOs, CMOs, Venture Capitalists, developers or designers. We’re looking to reach out to everyone, including those interested in technology – CTOs, Angel Investors, academia and government employees. If you’re involved in any type of work designed to “build a better mousetrap” using technology, then we think you’d really gain something from this conference.

Why start another tech conference?
It’s not going to be a technology conference. Yes, you’re going to be meeting people in the startup field and maybe even see a few company product demonstrations, but the goal behind Partners for Growth & Innovation is to help you get connected with people. We all have a common bond – we’re ecstatic about technology and these days we’re more swept up with talking to people through tools like Twitter, Facebook, instant messaging and email, but we’re not connecting face-to-face to help make our connections stronger. That’s what we’re trying to do with this conference.

Prepare yourself for an incredible week of entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, inspiration, culture, food, wine, and adventure, in Tuscany!


vijay said…
Good pointers for the good life! Nice to have run into you at Donato and VVW. I wish there was more notice for this kind of conference but 3 weeks is a bit short. Look forward to a report!
Iron Chevsky said…
Vijay, thanks for your comment. I agree it's short notice - but I posted as soon as I got the info from Tanya...
Krishna said…
Sounds like fun. Are you going?
Iron Chevsky said…
Krishna, I was considering, but probably not. Too busy at work this summer.

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