Burrata salad with Beaujolais

What happens when you get creative with the freshest bestest ingredients for a salad aimed to serve a merry group of gourmet winos on a balmy summer day in Palo Alto?

Roasted peppers, peeled
Toasted rustic bread
Ripe juicy heirloom tomatoes
Green olives
Spicy red peppers
Toasted pine nuts
Generous amount of burrata
Extra virgin olive oil and a touch of vinegar

All sliced, soaked together and served with a bottle of 2006 Beaujolais.
Oh, even me, normally lukewarm about Beaujolais (either "nouveau" or the more serious "cru") screamed in happy joy, going for yet another helping.

2006 was not a very good vintage for Beaujolais, following the very highly acclaimed 2005 (spectacular vintage throughout France). Nonetheless, I found the less fruity, cooler 2006 to be more to my liking over the more aggressive and concentrated 2005's. The non-tannic, dusty cherry spice tasted like a more rustic version of Burgundian Pinot Noir and went effortlessly with the kaleidoscope of molten flavors in the salad.

Many thanks to Ash G. for this salad invention, which he agreed to share with the world, and to Sandy C. for the unexpected but very very good wine match.


Anonymous said…
lovely food shot, to accompany a wonderful party: great people, food wine, few whines :-)
Hampers said…
Nice blog. Being a wine lover, I enjoyed going through your blog. Keep on posting.

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