Flying under-the-radar at Ridge Monte Bello

They've been making these wines since the 70's, staying true to the principles of purity and balance, respecting the history of the grapes, being a reference point of American wine making. Recently I had a chance to re-visit Ridge. Another great experience, once again re-affirming that this local Santa Cruz Mountains winery not only has the world-class chops but also the soul.

For the 2nd installment of Ridge blogger tasting, Chris Watkins, the tasting room manager at Ridge Monte Bello, lined up an array of under-the-radar low-production (under 1000 cases) "Advanced Tasting Program" wines from Ridge that sell out to devout members without ever hitting retail - all Rhone varietals, for which Ridge obviously has a soft spot, but not a soft palate.

This time we focused on multiple vintages of 100% Carignane, 50/50 Syrah/Grenache blends (Southern Rhone style), Syrah/Viognier (Northern Rhone style) blends, and 100 Petite Sirah.

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Okay, so you beat me getting your blog post up on this Gary. I think yours was probably the first for the group. Nice job.
Iron Chevsky said…
Thanks Richard!
I loved your detailed post - very useful notes. For my readers here, here is the link to Richard's article:

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