Pork belly ravioli with 2000 Oddero Barolo "Vigna Rionda" - heaven or hell?!

Well, I guess when you put ground pork belly inside a thick-skinned ravioli, and then drop a generous helping of crispy guanciale (pork cheek bacon), deep-fried sage, and cheese on top, and serve the whole thing in a bath of brown-sugar and butter sauce, the health freaks will have a heart attack just hearing about it.

So I suppose the only way to survive the overdose is by washing it all down with Oddero 2000 Barolo "Vigna Rionda" from the sexy 2000 vintage - a wine so intense, so layered, so "gamey jerky meets iodiney seaweed" but in a good way with so much character amid the most voluptuous Barolo texture, that it's hard to really tell ahead what will disappear first - the bottle of the Barolo or the bowl of the ravioli. One of the most perfect food and wine matches to ever cross my palate - if that's not worth dying for... Hell yeah! - this is the ultimate "gourmet comfort" sin food. Live well die happy, my friends!


Iron Chevsky said…
Facebook photo album of the ire entincredible meal is here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=190561&id=702742419&l=727b4b4a20
enochchoi said…
wow wow wow wow wow! when do i get a bite? tell me about these din dins!
Iron Chevsky said…
Here is a comment from an esteemed colleague about the 2000 Oddero Vigna Rionda: "oddero is classic Barolo at 10 years from a ripe vintage; it is at its peak, seamless, with earth, notes of tar and leather and lovely underlying red fruit liqueur, long and completely integrated."
Do Bianchi said…
I so gotta get me and Tracie P to Donato Enoteca!
Great looking dish, Gary! Thanks for the report.

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