Impress the ladies with spicy heirloom bruschetta and rich Cotes du Rhone

Guys, wondering what to do to impress the ladies?

Step 1. Grow your own heirloom tomatoes.

Step 2. Invite the ladies. (can't help you here).

Step 3. Make a bruschetta according to my friend Ash's method. Cut up tomatoes from step 1, add a little chopped garlic, basil, extra virgin olive oil, chilies, and salt. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes...then spoon on top of toasted (preferably on the charcoal grill) sliced rustic bread.

Step 4. Serve with a wine that has enough sweetness (or ripeness) to counter the spice of the bruschetta, and enough tang to keep it lively. A 2009 Cotes du Rhone from Chateau St. Cosme that runs about $12, hits the spot. Bright, balanced, rich wine, it's a baby Chateauneuf-du-Pape without the sophistication and the price tag. This producer churns out excellent values out of Southern Rhone year in and year out, the just released 2009 vintage being no exception. I imagine many of the bolder Italian wines such as Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Amarone, and Aglianico from ripe vintages would go just as well, but last Saturday night when I met the bruschetta, the vino whispered to me in French.

Remember the rule of thumb - sweetness and spice go together. Throw in a bit of Italian or French. And you've got a killer recipe for the ladies!


Unknown said…
It was indeed tasty stuff. Will definitely try it with the Cotes du Rhone.

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