Egly-Ouriet Champagne with heirloom overload

Last time I shared a basic formula for a slew of tomato inspired quick recipes - panzanella, bruschetta, Caprese salad, gazpacho soup that pair well with Arneis.

Here is another pairing - with Champagne. Many say "Champagne goes with anything", but I think it goes particularly well with this early Fall heirloom tomato medley - a combo of gazpacho soup (has red bell pepper added to the tomato blend) served with toasted Italian rustic bread topped with a paste of heirloom tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, garlic, basil, and spicy roasted padron peppers (padrons get spicy if you let them grow bigger) -- all from my garden, with some melted buffalo mozzarella.

Egly-Ouriet is one of the most respected grower Champagne producers in France right now, and is the "insider" secret of Champagne geeks. His Les Vignes de Vrigny NV cuvée from 100% Pinot Meunier is full bodied and zesty - deliciousness in a glass, perfection with tomato-based dishes.



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