Jazz up that linguine with melted brie and creamy Chianti

It seems almost every one of my last few posts mentioned cheese. I didn't plan it, but it just so happens in an evolution of a wino that the love for cheese blossoms to wine-like proportions. How can it not, when cheese makes ordinary foods taste extra-ordinary?!

Take for instance this simple linguine with diced heirloom tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil, salt-n-peppa. Now imagine melting a (un)healthy helping of triple-cream brie cheese (with rind removed) into the dish! The result is marvelously decadent and creamy pasta, out of this world (courtesy of Karen R., thanks!)

This would pair well with many Italian reds, but I would recommend the super aromatic and creamy 2006 Felsina Chianti Classico Riserva ($24).

Got cheese?


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