Chateau Musar from Lebanon, Brunello, Les Amoureuses, and food

Did you know that Condrieu is lovely with beet/tomato puree soup with goat cheese crostini? Especially a not too heavy Condrieu, like 2008 DePoncins by Francois Villard. But it also has enough depth, fruit and acid to stand up to bacon-infused chicken liver paté with burrata over a pea-shoot salad. I learned that bacon really is magical with liver. Silly me, how could I not haven known?!

Of course you knew that fresh tagliatelle pasta with beef ragu and truffle oil, livened by a splash of fresh parsley, goes perfectly with Brunello di Montalcino, especially this excellent 2001 from La Mannelle!

And you could have known that a 1999 Chambolle-Musigny "Les Amoureuses" would be a fantastic wine from one of the best vineyards in Burgundy from an excellent vintage. There is just nothing in the New World of Pinot Noir that tastes as good as this (sorry Willamette, Russian River, Santa Rita Hills, New Zealand and co.)! But did you know that Chateau Musar - the best producer in all of Lebanon (yes, Lebanon!) would go so intoxicatingly with a savory chicken tagine? 1999 (blend of Cinsault, Carignan and Cabernet Sauvignon) Musar is made in a lighter style that matches the middle-eastern dish and is showing great at 11 years of age. And it is a relatively affordable wine (under $50/btl, with new releases under $30) that impresses wine newbies and geeks alike!

Thanks Sandy for hosting this wonderful birthday dinner for our dear friend!


I'm glad you enjoyed the Musar. I agree, it went perfectly with the chicken tagine. It was good to see you.
Anonymous said…
Bacon goes well with everything but for some reason I have never paired it with chicken liver...something to try.
GG said…
The Musar was beautiful with the tagine. Loved your barolo too. Great to see you guys again, must do this more often.


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