San Francisco Wine School expands French wine program to 2 locations

I've introduced San Francisco Wine School before. I've personally met the highly knowledgeable instructors and attended one of their educational and entertaining classroom sessions. Now that their first semester is coming to a close, they are already picking up steam and expanding to two locations. For those interested in understanding and enjoying more French wine from Bordeaux to Burgundy to Champagne, Loire, Rhone, Beaujolais, Alsace, and Languedoc-Roussillon - regions I often explore on the pages of this blog, this course is highly & deliciously recommended!

Winter 2011 Class Schedule

San Francisco (Tuesday & Thursday 6pm-8:30pm)
Hotel Triton’s Creative Zone

Tue 1/25 (Alsace) & Thu 1/27 (Burgundy)
Tue 2/1 (Beaujolais) & Thu 2/3 (Bordeaux)
Tue 2/8 (Loire) & Thu 2/10 (Champagne)
Tue 2/15 (Rhone)
Thu 2/24 (South of France)
Sat 3/5 FWS Exam (Embassy Suites South SF 11am-12 noon)

South San Francisco (Saturday 10am-4pm)
Embassy Suites

Sat 1/29 (Alsace & Burgundy with 1-hour lunch break)
Sat 2/5 (Beaujolais & Bordeaux with 1-hour lunch break)
Sat 2/12 (Loire & Champagne with 1-hour lunch break)
Sat 2/26 (Rhone & South of France with 1-hour lunch break)
Sat 3/5 FWS Exam (11am-12noon)

Phone: 415-779-2FWS (415-779-2397)

Click here for registration and more details.

Make sure you tell them you saw this here on the Iron Chevsky Wine Blog. Enjoy!


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