Ad Hoc, and how I almost got into a fight with Gordon Ramsay, David Beckham and Victoria "Posh Spice"

Rona and I were having a Sunday brunch at Ad Hoc. Phenomenal comfort food! The brunch menu consisted of smoked salmon on brioche for starters, short ribs with eggs, mushrooms, and potato cakes (hash browns) for mains, and vanilla panna cotta for dessert. I brought in the left-overs of the '98 Dunn cab opened two days ago, about a third of a bottle left, and the wine was absolute killer with short ribs and sauteed mushrooms - great acidity, little animal, wet earth and forest floor, graphite and mocha dark, very satisfying - I would have never guessed it was a domestic!

I felt like I was in a French bistro!

As usual, I was taking photos of the food and ambiance. Surveying the room, I saw the "Ad Hoc" sign on the far-away wall. I wanted to point and shoot, but Rona stopped me lest I disturb the table next to us. Then I noticed directly in the line between me and the wall, the TV star of Hell's Kitchen and world famous chef Gordon Ramsay with his wife Tana and kids, and next to them none other than their buddies David Beckham with wife Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham and kid. Just picture what would have happened if I had taken that photo of the wall, and they noticed and assumed I was spying on them! Whew - that was a close one! It would have been like "Mr Ramsay, sir. Honestly, I was not taking photos of you and your family and Mr Beckham and the Spice Girl over there! I was just taking a snap of the wall for my wine blog." Yeah, right! Just imagine getting banned from Ad Hoc for getting into a fight with Gordon Ramsay!

No, I am not so much without class that I'd take pictures of celebs on vacation in a classy place like Ad Hoc. But it could have happened if I did take that picture, couldn't it! I took a few peeks at the stars sitting there. Despite his hard-ass reputation on the set of Hell's Kitchen, Gordon seemed incredibly understated and cuddly with his kids, as was David B. with his. Quite a heart-warming sight this New Year season. With a little bit of imaginary fun!

The moral of that story? - always listen to your wife!
And Happy New Year, boys and girls!


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