Old 1986 Dunn and smoked meat

What did I do with the left-over 1986 Dunn? (See my previous post to find out where I got it). I sucked the air out, put it in the fridge, and a few days of hibernation did it no harm, even despite the seemingly fragile age. These babies can last!

Without the distraction of other Dunns, I had no need to over-analyze or draw comparisons. Mano-a-mano against the smoked Russian cold cuts, this Dunn was killer, with its own cured meat, leather, and eucalyptus notes. The meats? Cured pork loin, cured beef tongue, and Estonska sausage - Russian store all-time favorites.

Over the past week, I paired the '93 and '86 Dunns with arugula salad with dried berries and balsamic vinegar, beef bourguignon, angel hair pasta with meatballs in red sauce, and now the smoked cold cut meats. These Howell Mountain Cabs of yesteryear performed great in all those pairings. I think it's the cool earthiness and the great acidity that make them work. Hat's off to Randy Dunn for making such great wines.


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