2004 and 2006 Brunellos worth cellaring

On Saturday, I was picking some 2006 Crozes-Hermitage and 2001 Rioja at a wine shop, and sneaked a 5-min firehose tasting of a few Brunellos, while Rona and baby Evan waited in the car. The episode confirmed what I already knew - 2004 vintage of Brunello di Montalcino is fantastic. You can skip 2005 (apologies for gross generalization), and head straight for the 2006 just hitting the shelves - a very very good and cellar-worthy vintage, albeit still very young and tannic.

2004 Valdicava ($80) was delicious and ready to drink, but awfully expensive IMO. Both 2006 Casanova di Neri ($40) and Canalicchio di Sopra ($60) are worth buying and cellaring, with the latter being more complex, showing intriguing spice. I enjoy these base-level bottlings for their quality/price ratios, for half the price of their higher end (Riserva) brethren.


Eric Lecours said…
ciao g, i agree i much prefer the basic bottlings to riservas, especially when riserva means more alcohol and oak. i like your preferences. the 06 neri in particular is great with food...

the 06 neri is a traditional expression from a modernist...it sees big casks, no new oak, goes through native yeast fermentation and comes from cooler vineyards, north of montalcino.

the 04 valdicava is a gem as well, savory, brooding and more dense...

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