Sushi at home with Riesling and Red Burgundy

At our local Japanese supermarket - Mitsuwa - located off of Saratoga exit off of 280 in San Jose, you can buy great quality, sashimi-grade raw fish and have your own sushi feast at home. We buy probably 10 different kinds (total about $50-60), and it's enough to stuff four people until they can't eat anymore, at about a quarter of what it would cost at a restaurant. And it's so much more fun to DIY! No fancy rolls, just sashimi, nigiri, and handrolls. Get a pack of dry nori (seaweed sheets), some shiso leaves, sprouts, cucumber, and avocado. Steam rice, add rice vinegar. Slice the fish. And sculpt your own sushi masterpieces to your heart's and stomach's content. Yum!

Always perfect with Kabinett (slightly off-dry) level of German Riesling, as the elements in the wine complement the umami elements in the fish, soy sauce and wasabi. I also like an entry level red Burgundy, the lighter the better, such as from the light 2007 vintage, with good acidity. It goes really well with heartier fish such as tuna and unagi.



enochchoi said…
i find costco wild salmon & ranch 99 fresh fish to be more economical and just as fresh
enochchoi said…
ok, so your fancy-schmancy sashimi was really better... both in texture and more subtle flavor!
Unknown said…
My partner Daisuke and I have been doing this at home for years. We get really good prices at the nearby Marina Market in Foster City.

Thanks for the tip on the Kabinett, can you recommend any of your favorite labels? We also make handrolls with home-cooked Japanese rice mixed with Chirashi mix packets, which you can also buy at Mitsuwa.

In summer, try lightly chilling one of your favorite Burgundies--any Pinot Noir blend, really. I think it pairs really well with the Albacore Tataki which we got at Whole Foods last weekend.

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