Manresa delights

Manresa - my favorite Bay Area gastronomic restaurant south of San Francisco, two Michelin stars well-deserved. The garden freshness of their dishes seems to represent a style perhaps slightly less fancy and lighter on its feet than French Laundry. Rona and I used to come here for anniversaries until we had a baby. Recently remodeled into a more modern feel, prices notched higher, a 15-course chef-menu dinner ensued. The wine director suggested a tasty bottle of Blanc de Noirs Champagne (100% Pinot Noir) by a relatively obscure producer Barnaut. At under $50 retail ($125 at the restaurant) this is a good value. Then Dan and I pulled out our own suave 2004 William Fevre Chablis Bougros Grand Cru and the mesmerizing Domain Jacques Prieur 2001 Clos Vougeot Grand Cru Red Burgundy. The latter was in the early stages of its adulthood, starting to show incredible secondary notes, satiny texture, and all the elements that kept me glued to the glass until the wine was gone - reminding why red Burgundy rules the world of fine wine. Exquisite, focused masterpieces by Iron Chef winner Chef David Kinch were weightless yet packed with flavor. Nearly 5 hours later, cookies in hand, we left giddy of gastronomic delights and many hundreds of dollars lighter, no regrets, just happy smiles, as we picked up a healthy handful of the most delicious salty caramel candies from the host on the way out! Bon Appetite!


Dan Heirloom said…
Absolutely! And AMAZING pics, great evening. Happy Anniversary Gary and Rona!

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