Dinner at Kevin's

My friend Kevin recently hosted a supreme gourmet dinner. The sweet carrot reduction sauce with caramel overtones - no sugar added - just carrots, ginger and butter! - was insane with the lobster blintzes. Pairing beautifully with a Spatlese level 2003 Riesling from JJ Prum. The lobster tail and claw with white Burgundy were absolutely positively to-die-for! The incredibly generous serving of Chateau Leoville Las Cases "super-second growth" Bordeaux was perfect with the melt-in-your-mouth short ribs and cheese-crusted polenta slices. The 2000 Las Cases was very young.

Working at Google and having a 1-year old, he doesn't always have time to exercise his culinary muscles, but when he does, he takes Friday off!... Stay thirsty, my friends!


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