Good wine with Turkey

From last Thursday's Thanksgiving feast, all I can say is...

Turkey with Pinot Noir. For me - from Burgundy, of course. Robert Chevillon's 2006 Nuits-Saint-Georges "Les Bousselots" 1er Cru is so seductively perfumey, it undresses you with one whiff! No need to get overly creative, my friends. Perfection is perfect!


Jon Troutman said…
The picture speaks for itself! Thanks for the notes. I have an '06 and '04 of this and a couple other Chevillon Nuits St Georges. I'm leaving the '04s alone in hopes that they shed their "greeness", but it sounds like the '06 is in a good place.
Iron Chevsky said…
Thanks for the comment, Jon.
I find 06's open and charming, while O5's are more structured and need more time. Remind me of '05 Barolos in that regard vs 04.

I don't hold high hope for 04 red Burgs. Almost everything I tasted, including NSG has been green. Good luck with those :)
Do Bianchi said…
I love what you say about how the wine undresses you!

And I'm with your wife (that's her, right?) on the drumstick... the best part of the bird!
Iron Chevsky said…
Yes, Jeremy, that's her in a blur :)

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